• Technical Support To Public
    Utilities In Texas

    Lamar Technical Services, Inc. (LTSI) has provided a wide range of support services to the electric utility industry as well as other utility industries across the state of Texas for two decades.

Our Services

  • GIS Data Collection / Database Development and Maintenance
  • Foreign Utility Contact Counts
  • Pole / Equipment Labeling
  • Construction Maintenance
  • GPS Field Inventory
  • Full Development and Support of Computer Aided Drafting Projects
  • Contract Development and Management
  • Cost Estimates
  • Creation and Submission of all Types of Permits
  • Plan and Profile Development
  • Construction Staking and Layout
  • Make-Ready Development
  • Easement Research / Preparation / Acquisition
  • Transmission / Distribution / Substation Layout
  • Pole Drilling Guides

GIS Data Collection/Database Development and Maintenance

LTSI has been instrumental in the development of several GIS projects from the planning stage to completion. With the hands on experience we have acquired, no challenge is too great.

Foreign Utility Contact Counts

The mapping and counting of equipment belonging to other entities attached to your property can be completed in a most efficient manner allowing all revenue to be recovered accurately. The confirmation of the location of this equipment on your property can provide the security needed to achieve safe operation for all parties. The development of attachment permitting procedures will insure future accurate procurement.

Pole/Equipment Labeling

Equipment labeling for safety reasons as well as database development have been provided for many entities. We offer a wide variety of labeling from high visibility to durability on all types of surfaces.

Construction Maintenance

LTSI utilizes years of experience to help with the planning and development of all types of infrastructure improvements. From site planning to system wide planning, we help develop the shortest route to our customers’ desired achievements.

GPS Field Inventory

LTSI has provided all levels of GPS data collection including, but not limited to isolated survey projects, construction work plans, line ties and additions, road widening projects, and routine maintenance. With access to the latest technology available as well as many years of experience you can be assured that each job will be precise and accurate.

Full Development & Support of Computer Aided Drafting Projects

LTSI has AutoCAD experience in all types of drawing requirements. We offer on-site implementation and training as well as the complete development of plan and specifications required to complete any project large or small.

Contract Development and Management

Contract development and distribution for many types of projects are available. Overseeing the project from the planning stages to completion including inspection will make your construction needs a reality.

Cost Estimates

With many sources throughout the industry, cost estimating becomes less complicated. Both labor and material prices are constantly examined making cost projections easier to manage. Our certified technicians stay up to date with the latest technologies and equipment utilizing this knowledge to best support our customers’ needs.

Creation and Submission of All Types of Permits

Acquiring and completing all types of permits for encroachments and construction have been achieved for many of our customers. Overseeing the permitting process thru approval insures all requirements are met before, during and after completion of construction projects.

Plan and Profile Development

This important service is provided with a high degree of accuracy. This will ensure that all location and clearance requirements are met to insure safe operation of your facilities.

Construction Staking and Layout

With modern state of the art survey equipment and plans and specifications interpretation, LTSI provides a wide variety of staking and layout services. This includes overhead distribution line design for new tie lines and major rebuilds, field inventory, preparation of construction staking sheets and drawings, coordination of activities with various outside agencies, monitoring construction activities, final inventory of installed units, contract administration, and specifications for custom manufactured poles and other materials. We have utilized many different software to conform to our clients’ needs.

Make-Ready Development

“Make-Ready” work is the process of ensuring the utility poles, upon which the fiber-optic cable will be strung, are in suitable condition to receive the cable.  LTSI currently performs the field inspection, permitting, and production of staking sheets required for construction to accommodate fiber installation.     Our inspection process includes measuring for NESC standards, foreign communications attached, pole condition, and Highway and ROW permits.

Easement Research, Preparation & Acquisition

LTSI has provided these services for all types of projects including researching existing easements to developing new easements as per your specifications. Prospective grantor contacts and negotiations to filing of the easements are services we have provided throughout our existence. We have several Texas Notaries on staff to ensure smooth acquisition of easements.

Transmission/Distribution/Substation Layout

LTSI can stake all poles and structures according to plans and specifications including foundation layout, H-frame layout, and Plan & Profile survey.

Pole Drilling Guides

LTSI can plan and design prefabricated poles for the application required. We utilize AutoCAD in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) specifications and drawings for line construction to specify precise locations for each framing unit/device per structure as needed.